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"Kyu, now you are healed!" "Thanks." Ushanmon stretched his body and stood up after getting a healing from one of Alice's Cutemon fan army's member. Terriermon and Lekismon waited for their turns as Cutemons healed Ru and Toni's army members, too.

The fur hat monster walked through judges' lounge, searching for Alice. The lounge was quite big, it was supposed to be big enough that judges' armies could hang and rest there if needed. There were many sofas, some tablets and fridges. Everything was as tidy as when the tournament just started. It would be interesting to see in which kind of condition the place would be when the tournament ended.

Ushanmon spotted familiar orange hair – Alice was sitting on one of the sofas, near a really big window and balcony from where judges would announce the next round's info. The Dark Ice's core approached his general with caution, something seemed to be little bit wrong. The general just stared in front of her, serious expression on her face. Ushanmon had quite good guess what was wrong, but still he asked: "What is wrong?"

Slowly Alice moved her sight from the distance to her partner who stared her, standing right next to her feet. She hadn't noticed Ushanmon's coming. "I know you know." She rolled her eyes and felt how Ushanmon started climbing to the sofa. Poor thing couldn't jump there. As a reward from completing the mighty climb Alice gave Ushanmon her unfinished juice which had been on a table for a while now. "This is warm", Ushanmon said trying not to spill any juice from the tall glass while taking nicer position in a corner of the sofa, "and I think I know, but wanted to still ask".
The British girl sighed and burrowed her face in her hands for a moment. "I'm starting to feel guilty for not telling the contestant the truth."

The general knew that his partner was staring at her. She lifted her face and was going to stare her partner back but her eyes stopped when they spotted Ru right in front of her. "I think it's a good thing that you feel that way. I don't like to hide things from the contestants either." The Spit Fire general spoke, looking at Alice who stared him back. "And it's nice to remember every now and then that you actually have feelings." Alice turned head quickly but his bunny partner looked like he never said anything. Such a sneaky little thing.

_ _ ___ _ _

"Okay guys", Alice stood on the balcony with a microphone in her hand, "it's time to start round 3. Hope you are ready and are willing to show your best, I'm getting bored here, you know." Ushanmon grinned little bit, he stood on the edge of balcony, looked down to remaining contestants.

"This time you will be transported to the Labyrinth zone. As you might guess from the zone's name, there's a big labyrinth. And you will have your next round in that specific labyrinth. The actual contestants have to fight each other to get away from that lovely maze of pixels and bits. When you beat other contestant's army, you will be transported back here and you will continue your journey in this tournament.
The spectators have to find a way out of that same labyrinth. You can fight other spectators – and most likely you have to do that, because the first one to find their way to the center of the labyrinth will be winner of this spectator round." The Dark Ice general spoke with bored voice and didn't pay too much attention to her audience.
"I hope you enjoy your time there. Have fun and don't bore me."
No idea in which category this belongs.
Yeah, your lovely judge Kohva is so godamn lazy that she didn't even draw you an intro comic so you get only this terrible text! Yay!

I'll update this comment with links to Round 3 journals when we get them online. Stay tuned, kids.

Edit: [link] There you find everything important about this round!
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